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Apparently, as few intelligent readers have made it through, you do have a chance of surviving the financial battle of the Golden Yuan/Ruble vs: Declining US Greenback HFT Dollars vs: Multinational Offshore Investment Banksters... by doing some due diligence homework. As helping proof read the book in progress here. The Prospector's Guide to Finding and Investing in Mining Prospects.

It is kind of hard to present freedom of speech information concerning long term underground supply side mining... at no cost to you...when publications are being censored through 'cyber fraud' by favored/ free trade nation flippant currency and financial side manipulators.

You know them as the wizards of short trading today, long tomorrow, spot price price speculators. Something long term profit 401-K aware people need to avoid when hedging a casino capitalism ETF chip on a green felt covered platform trading table. Such red herring, blue sky law protected actions, and white lies, are not for ideological or racial bias reasons, or protecting the environment. for widows and orphans.

All of their expensive 'lip flapping' efforts, if you follow precious metals, is to gain an illegal inside HFT traders edge for obscene financial gain, no matter their multi-nationality. Really.

If you ignore the negative to believe they will share their promised positive, what can I do other than suggest you ask your own intelligent questions, direct, yourself? That is, since US Citizenship was required to stake a legal claim, I don't even bother answering foreign area code calls.

So, as written down in longhand on the trail to financial stability on a paper notebook, by pencil,  for word processing... coming straight from the horses mouth.. here is the outline Barry Murray, Prospector to Chapter Three. A much needed further explanation U.S. Mining Law of 1872. Which really came out of self governed "Mining Districts" during the California Gold Rush. That Great Uncle Peter Hardeman Burnett helped form on a Yuba River Bar, before he was asked by fellow miners's to become California's first Governor.

My credentials follow the same reading a book or two, to practice that 1872 Mining law when prospecting from Alaska to Panama for sixty years. And accidentally along thyGold Claim Poste way to making a "valid discovery" by physically staking mining claims. Something that has not been automated, yet. Which is why I want to pass along my added value "senior landsman" knowledge.

As my curriculum vitae on shows I do have a few magazine credits ....other than my own ... in LIFE, Holiday, The San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday Magazine called Bonanza.  Oh, and I have a novel, Code: Yellow Chrysanthemum, talking about Japanese gold bars, for sale as an e-book on Amazon.

Perhaps the completed "E-textbook", when finished might be worth what I charge $4.95 for in PayPal credits, for the following:

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Chapter 3 /

Mineral Entry Mining Rights in Today's Marketplace

What is Correct:

> The US Mining Law of 1872 concerning mineral entry has always prevailed, clear up through the U.S. Supreme Courts, that valid deposits of locatable minerals are indeed "real property" subject only to the endorsement of the U.S. publics stake in the financial state of the nation. See Wikipedia's General_Mining_Act_of_1872 for background on this.

> The only things wrong with US Mining Law of 1872, as far as citizen taxpayers should be concerned, was that:

1) The provision to purchase the surface rights, just as under the Homestead Act, and Timber Culture Acts of that era, for a then extravagant $2.50 per acre, was brought to a happy excessive halt twenty years ago, for only benefiting special interest groups, including many foreign corporations, that had nothing to do with American mining. Or farming, or logging, or salmon fishing. The winners of this bargain hunt had been real estate related as private hunting and fishing lodges, or foreign owned resorts. As happened in Las Vegas. Or trading the patents on non-timber land back to the USFS in exchange for outside the boundary units of "ready to harvest" tracts of trees.

2) And the unrealistic battle of multinational megacorps concerning establishing a mining royalty, somewhat similar to what is found in competitive nations, is without merit. The State of Alaska Department of Lands, along with a claims rental payment, has a reasonable three percent royalty payment after the first three million. As many Alaskan small mining claims owners have a long term percentage royalty payment that is next to impossible to collect without having an valid umpire assay from a smelter in Asia, this government "regulation" is very much appreciated.

3) A U.S. Senate bill in 2009 proposed a 2% to 5% royalty on the value of mineral production. Most small operators understand that they are already paying that, along with a claim rental fees, through plan of operations "fair use fees." As roads, water rights, and forest fire protection on public lands. That bill was allowed to die by a PAC supported Congress that didn't want to stop the economic and jobs development opportunities benefits offered (?) our foreign trade partners. At the least this would provide a bank balanced check to help calculate local tax revenues to schooling for the miners children.

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What is in Conflict:

> The other thing wrong with the US Mining LAW of 1872 is a conflict with an upstart Securities Exchange Act of 1934 encouraging "truth in securities" REGULATIONS have somehow evolved into a support group of a protected mining investment monopoly securities system, as very lucrative IPO's, and an through a very un-defendable "Blue Sky" exclusion that small private investors in a mining law state some must be insider trading qualified for already being a $1,000,000-aire.

> The disparity, of the legal precedent conflicts having something with "securities" being the right to ownership connected with tradable derivatives have to do with location, which lately has been how far away mining states are away from powerful nanosecond flash trading computers.

1) In gold rush California the the people's law of governing contentious was that a handshake was all it took to form a "mining company." Contrary to Hollywood's interpretation of this, except singers Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagon, and the Brett Heart first hand media reports from Poker Flat supported the "Prudent Man Doctrine" that a group of investors working together really did not need Back East Blue Sky protection for being a Western widow[er] and orphan (which I happen to be).

2) After the mining camp promulgation of the rules of working together (without bloodshed, and an earned appreciation for fellow American-Chinese miners companies) were adopted into The Mining Law of 1872, there remained (to this day) the Association Placer Claim, which with eight undivided interests across 160 acres was what the Securities Law mavens consider an illegal, unregistered security.

3) And the curious fact that lode claim owners are entitled to follow extra lateral rights, even across and underneath the surface boundaries of a mineral rights claim, even if that be private land. This is well supported by case law citations. And as a mining claim, with an assigned state number, is in effect a long term contract with the U.S. Government, those with a newly acquired GPS mentality need to be aware of the legal term, "in mineral trespass."

4) And finally, there was a mining claim ruling by a Judge, known for his non-qualified underground mineral assessment, that the value of the property dispute before him, was as worthless as the "Blue Sky above." This absolutely should be challenged today in that clean air blue sky can be measured in carbon fuel credits.

Unfortunately for the 19 mineral entry states of the West, those New York City slickers somehow made the "Blue Sky Laws" the poster child of mining securities fraud. This is why there are discriminatory exclusion laws in said states concerning the qualification of investors, who apparently are not smart enough to understand unless they are have a net worth of $1,000,000 they can't play the game. Sorry Charlie, the bargain isle tuna fish red herring, who really is a sucker.

>> The point of this web site of a book in progress, that I am sure will come with all sorts of pseudo Internet "secure" warning tags to get through, is that:

1) Yes, it is perfectly legal as an individual to purchase a documental value ton of a validated 1872 Mining Law mineral deposit, in place. Said ton does not need to be defined by GPS coordinates that might not fit the exact location of an a validated Bureau of Land Management / U.S. Forest Service, Plan of Action respecting, and protecting the environment. A Plan of Action, would be difficult for an small holding to qualify to dig where they feel entitled, hence the need to disqualify individual investors for not already being certified millionaires in a "good old boy securities approved private investment clubs."

Small 1872 miners totally understand that their only hope is U.S. Government sensible plan of actions concerning public lands, roads, and water, prevails. Said approved citizen actions really is a bypass to the red flags of big board "casino capitalism" owners making the "you are fired" Donald Trump mistake of paying an army of lawyers, whose brief if, "those who have gold in the Banks of Bonanza Creek," rule through securities case law.

2) And that American investors, who are already at a free trade tax, and securities law disadvantage as manipulated by multinational banks "too big to jail," really need to understand that the "golden fleece" begins when sheep are corralled to be flocked, through not understanding that:

A) Not making a "drop dead" deadline in paying a BLM "rental" on claims that cannot be insured by a title company, is not the same as the grace period of of a sheriffs farm sale on the courthouse steps.

And, please do not block the way into the county recorders office to file a state claim (jumper) documents where the party is is totally aware they have the top default position for 90 days to formally file for a new US BLM recorded number that covers the mineral rights, no matter the made up, or slightly different, claim name.

B) What a way for golden parachute CEO to survive bankruptcy, stockholder lawsuits, and reclamation obligations, without loosing anything! What a way for Toronto Stock Exchange shell game "pumped up listings" to raise millions millions through an international stock broker placements, only to step back by not meeting contract obligations, the "dumping," which causes a well touted stock (including promised options) to fall back to 01¢ per share.

C) What a way, even in an Alaska with much tighter securities laws, to allow a favored nation Hong Kong/Vancouver puppet junior IPO the opportunity to take advantage of the free trade TSX "in Canadian interests" 43-101 slur that Alaskan miners are in such short supply that there was a need to allow EB-5 green cards to be sold to Asian workers.

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What are some of the answers?

How does corporate accounting of $22,500 in attorney fees, to buy into a congressionally approved "Immigrant Investor Program, to promote jobs and the local economy", only takes an advertised $500,000 to "live permanently in the USA?"

Consider also the harshness of the State of Alaska's (only one of four) blue sky "protect the public" interpretations as to investor validation. That of considering all member managed LLC(ompany) certificates of ownership in a mining venture to be a security in need of counter-productive regulations? And, how is one to compete with TSX regulations that have allowed the raising of millions on the "equity" of  only an earn-in options, that disapears in yet another "pump and dump"?

The intent of my suggestion for founding of a ECO-Minerals-Stockpile, would be a place the underlying claims of absolutely valid and documented projects into a secure lands and minerals trust that cannot be flipped, hypothecated, leveraged, or otherwise made worthless by dirivite platform traded hedge funds.

The role is to protect the title, as title insurance firms cannot do, by being the responsible party to make all the legal deadline filings and rental payments necessary to maintain a Mining Law of 1872 chain of mineral title ownership. This way, individual in-place tonnage can be sold as a unit needed in time to manufacture a valid product.

This service is only paid for by a 3% royalty resulting from an actual retail sale of the "stockpiled" minerals. Which for safety reasons alone, could be a beneficiary claim owners part of a land and mineral trust.

For information on our lien protected minerals claims holding trust, please go direct to the developers of what we consider fiscally viable ECO mineral projects, for not being listed on some form of a really, really "big board."

So, What is the Bottom Line of this White Paper?

If you are considering the romance of unpatentented mining claims, somewhere West of Wikenburg, Arizona, flat out demand to see an up to date claim map, filed with up to date BLM numbers, and assessment work filing to see if the geological report match the moose pasture you may have what was issued. Do not accept a promise that a Title Insurance has the real property taken care of, as that would be an incredibly stupid thing to do. The insurance company, the promoter, and you !

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