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Breaking Business News Why Radical Religion & PAC Politics should not combined into one sided arguments dependent on unchecked and balanced SCOTUS decisions, underreported by a First Amendment accredited "Free Press", as MiningMagazines.com has been since 1987.

Please understand that this freelance writer/photographer, which started young with 7 pages of credits in "LIFE", plus, Holiday, Ladies Home Companion, South Africa's "Scope", Chemical Week, San Francisco Magazine, and the SF Chronicle's weekly Sunday roto magazine Bonanza, clear down to what used to be called "House Organs" as Ford Times, VW Small World, Popular Mechanics, actually had a piece scheduled to run the day JFK was assassinated ... with full media coverage... just as the attempt on the "predictable Trump" assassination. That, I can proudly say was my first sale to "My Weekly Reader"—schoolchildren remember as as introduction of the News.

I am totally effected by this, being JFK was the first President I had the privilege to vote for. And I don't believe any of explanation theories that followed , including the Warren SCOTUS report. This is why I am publishing ... perhaps to early... a suggestion that the people funding the Project 2525 be identified as the — what does Bernie call them; the dangerious wealthy 3% manipulators — of America.

I have put all of my suspicions about "American Oligarchs" ... pushing an outdated greenhouse gas producing formula of Portland Cement®... in a protected from phishing and misdirection (i hope) Acrobat PDF,

as available here by clicking of this button: This hopefully is a back-door way to distribute the truth.

Which is why I am a bit premature in launching an "GoGreen Business" non-political Opportunity of buying-into a https://ECO-Mineral-Stockpile.com through the old https://MiningInvestment.com protocol of documented in-place tons Bill of Sale, instead of floating a SEC approved stock market "pump-and-dump"... as the first of https://ZEROcarbon-Cement.com, which is being offered as a possible Master Limited Partnership. Something big oil has used for a "big board" go around to be listed.

Sorry, but it is difficult to battle by myself a MEGA Mobsters diverting, misdirecting or censoring my ideas, requiring revamps of information as on a difficult to find https://TheMiningInvestor.com, a long standing partner of www.TheProspector.com, which was one of the first mining publications —hoping to talk the truth over the loss of our American Mining industry —but not the in place ore— being exported for "smarter management" of "whoever controls the gold to plate toilet seats, rules"

My individual madness of doing so is that I am older than both candidates supposedly fighting for AMERICA the supposedly land of the FREE. Born into the first Great Depression; raised in a rationed food WW2, and as a 16 year old "Minor Miner" since the Rush to Moab, Utah, for Uranium, I am really ready to disappear, at age 85, at the height of my http://TheProspector.com wisdom, to disappear, once again, into the desert searching for more Volcanic Minerals for a true ZEROcarbon-Concrete.com.

And know that I am protected from Russian hit man tactics of falling out a Mexican high-rise by the hidden "Guardian Industry" Nepheline tactics.



News Magazine Journalist Leslie Stahl of "60 Minutes" Magazine has led the way into the business news future of dealing with Global Warming / Climate Change answers— as a "how to" achieve affordable shelter that promises to survive wildfires, raging waters mold, and even stray bullets.

60 Minutes got a peek at what will soon be the first large community of 3D-printed houses. A Texas company is printing 100 of them, calling it a "paradigm shift" in how we build our homes. Lesley Stahl reported, last Sunday.

I first noticed this investigative reporter being on the protective ECO side of US mining by doing a piece on the dangers of carbon fly ash being "recycled" from electrical generating coal burning smokestacks. She then surprised me in what she reported on the bankruptcy of America's Rare earths industry at Mountain Pass, California. And, then by drinking by demonstration, on National TV, a glass of water that had been recycled out of a sewage plant!

So, I was delighted to witness a Texas start-up actually using a geopolymer cement to 3D print affordable homes. Something I had been excitably babbling about since 2016. But, as an Asperger's "pitchman" (as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford that "normal people" do not seem to trust) without a proof of concept of an off grid, geopolymer affordable house, with a smart solar/storm-water harvesting roof— most just laughed at me and FoamKrete.com off. Thanks Leslie, for proving through great reporting that "nerd science" really does work. And a safer investment than heading back to Wall Street to loose your retirement.

And, following the YouTube thread below will also lead you to the future of affordable housing, as:

3D printing startup co-founder Jason Ballard explains how he thinks 3D-printed houses will transform construction jobs and resist the effects of climate change.
According to the UN, Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels. FoamKrete.com was launched about the same time as Ikon, but focused more on the 3D printable polymer inorganic "no carbon" chemistry why, than how the product was economically delivered on-site to build affordable homes.
An irony of who was first to live in an affordable 3D printed home came about because an Austin Texas private investor proved through doing that a "formally homeless village" called Community First, could do the right thing for homelessness long before any governmental task force could decide who would be the designated coffee service at a series of discussions concerning outdated zoning and building codes let's talk about the 'R' value history of a volcanic formed noncrystalline mineral acting as a heat/cold barrier saving energy.

As exciting as it is that Texans introduced "LavaCrete" as a geopolymer replacement of greenhouse gas producing Portland Cement®, which often contains the dangerous coal fly ash, there have been others that realized the real breakthrough was that 3D printing formats worked "faster, better, stronger, fire and flood resistant" without steel re-bar (also a greenhouse gas producer), was first introduced in China, and then Russia (the worlds largest supply of Nepheline Syenite) and where Australia and Holland became the first the first constructing multistory building with the magic of chemically curing geopolymer.

I should also mention that going backward to the chemical formula of Roman Cement —where the worlds largest freestanding dome, the Parthenon, is still standing, while the surf-side condo in Florida, is not!

My involvement as TheProspector.com, holding as a 84-year old single signer holding a way to large 250 million ton 78% Nepheline Syenite, Volcanic, natural Pozzolan Geopolymer, came out with a FoamKrete™ as being a naturally formed mineral which does not really need patent protection.

Besides, the only other US supplier is 3M™, which already has been certified by CalTran, and Ohio's ODOT, for large infrastructure repair. Indeed, the I-95 overpass collapse thought to take at least a year and a half to rebuild, was surprisingly back in use within a short time by using an Al2O3/SiO2 aggregate!

And, my thinking that the $10,000 Chinese 3D printed homes were dull and unattractive. I bypassed what could be done by Asian, and Russian, technology, by trying to get a from the bottom up, flow-through from my ECO-Minerals-Stockpile (holding) (to > an ECO-Mining-Milling > to retail through another FoamKrete.com a from the ground-up- flow-through CO-OP to another COECO-Foam-Concrete CO-OP distributors to re-build > ECO-Housing-America as ECO home/work villages, by pumping into reusable horizontal forms —including doors, windows, plumbing and electrical conduit— that could be tilted up, as a Elon Musk style "box" with 3D embellishments?

Whatever, it is the what-if part of what-is finally happening, thanks to fellow nerds concerned over coming up with answers to reverse Global Warming Change, in that, being I am just one individual, I have been attacked through a cleaver scheme to keep me out of competition. Thankfully I caught on just in time, and everything is squeaky clean financially again with my bringing everything up to date with single signer required accounting and BLM and State of Oregon annual filings.

My two 15% of my position finders fee salespeople cost me more than a reputation of MiningMagazines.com being on the leading edge of volcanic mineralization —as Geopolymer, Rare Earths, Nepheline Syenite formation, and associated minerals as Lithium.

I also lost a number of years listening to an "Art of the Deal" philosophy, which I should have known from previous encounters of people supposedly on my side whose goal was not affordable housing, but "I too am looking for an operating gold mine with no money down".

Which is why any reorganization of the distribution of 250 million tons of Nepheline Syenite towards any of the marketing URLs I do not have time left, at 85-years, to develop further— other than selling them in-place underground blocked out ore at fixed price of $100 per individual, uniform value ton. This for something which is bringing a raising $600+ per ton of the equivalent of a milled 3M Nepheline 200.

I will be retreating from management by retiring into into what most likely will be set up as a Master Limited Partnership stockpile which will honor a prospectors standard upfront $?? and minimum annual 5% royalty to a family charitable trust upon the Nepheline Syenite, payable when leaving Table Mountain.

There is no room anymore for expired, out of date, contract 'non-circ' finders —that connected with Portland cement™ competition, which apparently couldn't see any future in meeting worldwide Paris Accords Clean Air standards.

The focus now— is a need for principals to step forward to fill the role of rebuilding an independent ECO-Mining-Milling turn-key contracting company, which hopefully I will also connect with on another new age volcanic mineral associated with the hunt for Lithium needed for EV batteries. I know two from my early days of prospecting

As a visionary I am already seeing the possibilities of 3D printing a lightweight, but ceramic nose cone strong, truck chassis, with a "bullet-proof" Geopolymer—just as seen on Russian tanks claim jumping a Nepheline Syenite properties in Ukraine.

Besides acting as a load-once Nepheline Syenite mucker, and still logging road, and highway legal, electric vehicles would also have the advantage of gearing down 3,000 foot Table Mountain to a sea level mill with a rail and barge facility, all the "hold back" energy would charge the batteries to "lift" mountain bikers back to the top of world class wilderness run downhill to the sea.

Write "BarryMurray@USA.com" as a way to connect with me direct, with e-mail address which has not yet been hacked. Or go to my Linkedin —Mining Magazines Web Group, and safely message "theProspector".

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